Current CBU Projects

  • Support release of Wilderness Study Areas in Montana (S. 2206 / HR. 5148 / HR. 5149)

  • Oppose Region 1 policy of removing all motorized and mechanized use in areas they designate as recommended for wilderness. ( RWA )

  • Revise ESA and defund EPA

  • Revise EAJA (no accountability)

  • LWCF (oppose) (20 billion in the bank) (funds go to eco groups)

  • Closely watching the progress on the new Custer Gallatin Forest Plan revision. DEIS scheduled to be release for public comment early 2019

  • Helena National Forest Plan, Blackfoot Travel Plan (submitted comments) (filed objection)(objection denied) litigation planned CBU contributed $10,000

  • Oppose Sage Grouse ESA Listing (filed comments in opposition)

  •  Supporting the Farm Bill which provided language to increase logging and fuel reduction projects.
  • Supporting Forest in Focus and Good Neighbor Authority to provide more local, state and federal partnerships in active timber management on Federal Lands

  • Working with Oregon groups to stop the Blue Mountain Forest plan revision. Visit Forest Access for All on facebook to show your support.

  • BLM Land Management Plans (13 total) (submitted comments)

  • Lynx and Wolverine ESA listing (filed comments in opposition) ( not listed) Attended Wolverine meeting in Boise for study report. Study results show back country non-motorized has greatest adverse effect on Wolverines

  • Oppose further poisoning of Montana streams and introduction of West Slope Cutthroat trout. (meeting with FWP on case by case)

  • Wolf and Grizzly predation and control (support hunting and trapping) (commented to agencies) ((support landowners) Support Grizzly delisting. Oppose wolf hunting buffer around Yellowstone Park

  • Oppose Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe Water Compact in NW Montana (working with legislators and irrigators to protect water rights and continued state control of our water) Helped create the people‚Äôs Compact, a fair alternative to the flawed compact introduced by Senator Tester
  • EPA Navigable Water Definition (oppose WOTUS)

  • Protection of Vested Water Rights (filed comments in opposition to the BLM taking vested water rights from property owners in Northeast Montana)

  • Working with counties to identify roads and right-of-ways that would qualify for RS2477 that come under jurisdiction of counties. (this would stop the illegal closing of hundreds of miles of roads in Montana on federally managed public lands)

  • Provide training on coordination to help local governments affect federal land management decisions. Working with NACO in writing the coordination handbook that directs federal land management agencies on how to coordinate with local governments.

  • Oppose Mount Jefferson Snowmobile Closure (working with MSA and Idaho State Snowmobile Association along with Senator Daines)

  • 2015 HJ 13 study of closed roads (over 22,000 miles of roads closed in Montana by the Forest Service on our federally managed public lands since 1995) Working with Montana FWP in mapping summer and winter trails on our federally managed public lands.

  • Oppose free roaming bison in Taylor Fork and Buck Creek in the Gallatin

  • Provided comments opposing year round grazing permits on BLM for bison in North East Montana. Oppose APR plan to remove agriculture in NE Montana.

  • Support the late hunt or shoulder seasons for elk in districts over population objectives.

  • Meeting with Forest Service, Gallatin County, and State of Montana to develop several public shooting range sites.

  • Helping Willow Creek water users transfer ownership of their dam and irrigation facility to protect those property owner water rights.

  • Access to mining claims and support mining and resource projects ( Tintina, Rock Creek, Montana ore, coal, oil and gas, grazing, timber management.

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