Welcome to Citizens for Balanced Used

The members and supporters of CBU work every day to preserve and protect our last remaining areas open to multiple use recreation and we advocate for active forest management and responsible resource development on our federally managed public lands. 

Advocating for Improved Management and Responsible Resource Development

Citizens for Balanced Use was initiated in December 2004.  Since that time, CBU has recognized that land use in several arenas are under assault by environmental organizations.


CBU engages with state and federal legislators to create and support policies beneficial to multiple use management of our public lands.


When land management agencies fail to recognize the benefits of multiple use management of our public lands and make decisions that adversely affect our members, CBU has challenged these decisions in court.


CBU educates our members and supporters on how to communicate with land management agencies and the importance of getting to know the people who manage our public lands.

Why Do We Need CBU?

CBU strives to keep public lands open for all Montanans and a diverse number of user groups. Public land access is our number one priority.

Latest News from Citizens for Balanced Use

Visit our news page for more news about what CBU is doing to improve your access.


A great way to donate to CBU is by purchasing the Multiple Use license plates the next time you register a vehicle. Keep in mind, you don’t have to wait to re-register your vehicle to change plates! Take a look at the plate to the right!


Stay up to date on all the news, legislation, and events surrounding your federally managed public lands.

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