Enviro’s threaten to remove all human activity from Arizona forest

Squirrels versus Scopes…the war over Mount Graham continues

CBU opinion; While this story is far from Montana, you can see the Center of Biological Diversity is threatening to close and try to remove all human activity from Mt Graham. This would remove the telescopes, church camp, and residences. The claim of global warming is causing declining squirrel habitat, but they cannot explain the declining habitat for nearly the past 10,000 years with native Indian tribes living there. The reality is that it is another tool used by the enviro groups to lay claim to billions of taxpayers money through exploiting the Equal Access to Justice Act.  

Tony Davis of the Arizona Daily Star reports:

The battle between environmentalists who want no human activity on Mount Grahm (or pretty much anywhere else in Arizona) goes on. Now the claim is that because of fire fighting activities (including tree cutting) to protect the UA’s telescopes on Mount Graham, the US Forest Servce ought to revoke the permit for the scopes to be there in the first place.

To read the entire multi-section story click here;

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